ESM Hawker Typhoon 73.2" Wingspan Model ARF

Wing Span: 73.5"
Length: 60.9"
Wing area: 6.0 sq. ft.
Wing Loading: 38.5oz/sq.ft
Flying Weight: 14.3lbs
Radio:6ch & 8servos
Gas Engine: 30cc to 40cc. We highly recommend the PTE-36
Glow Engine: 1.60 2 cycle or 1.80 4 cycle
Prop Recommendation: 3-blade is scale. Use a Biela 17x10 3 blade with the PTE-36
Servo Recommendations: 100 oz-sq-in minimum - HD-1501, Hitec 645MG, Hitec 5645MG, DS-8309TG

First flown in 1940, the Hawker typhoon was one of the most successful air to ground fighter planes of World War II. Designed by Sydney Camm to be the premier high altitude single seater fighter it had the speed and powerful engine to be a formidable opponent. It was especially adept at night missions and air to ground attack and defensives. Experience the Royal Airforce's flying prowess with this scale model rc warplane!

 Hawker Typhoon

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Esm air/electric retract versions are available for this plane

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ESM Hawker Typhoon 73.2" Wingspan Model ARF

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